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Technology and Society

Nowadays, computers applications are widely used in every field of life. There we are discussed the list of these purposes that are accessed by different applications of computer systems.

  • Business
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Health or medical
  • Forces
  • Communication
  • Government


Computer applications are very useful in businesses. Speed and accuracy of computer made it an important part of all the business purposes. Its applications are widely used in business accounts and also the great calculations of business. They are use to storing all the important data for future use.


Today  banking is totally dependent of computer applications. Almost all type of banking operations like account opening, closing, depositing, shares and other all there purposes completes by using computer applications. ATM machines are also a easy computer application.


Computers applications are also helpful for the insurance companies to save all the data of a person who have insurance. Companies save their instruction in computer software for those who checks the insurance policies on internet.


Computer application provided lots of information to the education systems. Several methods are used by the educational systems to teach students using computer applications. When a teacher found a problem in any of there subject. He used computer applications to find out the problem. Many of the schools & colleges are used computer applications for fee structures etc.

Health /Medical

Computer applications have become important part in hospitals, Labs, dispensaries and medical stores.  Computer applications are used in hospitals to save the record of patients there tests and made  medical reports. It is also used in scanning and recognizing different disease.
Computer applications are also used for surgical purposes.


Computer applications are largely used in defense system, modern tanks, missiles, weapons etc. Forces also made control rooms & heavy security cameras system. Similarly forces also used applications of computers to save data for future use.


Communication means to convey a message, an idea, a picture or video that is received clearly and correctly by the person. Computer applications are widely used by those people who used these communications etc.


Computer applications play an important role in Government systems. Computer applications also used to save & records of government servants & sectors. There is other department is discussed here:

  • Sales tax department
  • Income tax department


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