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Social Research: IT Solutions

Social ResearchResearch is a process to inquire about phenomenas, social behaviors and mechanics of society in in academic way. No doubt, the society in which we are living is extremely complex. There are so many divides based on wealth, education and technology. The heavy flux of information caused a fragmentation in thinking process. Media controlling the perception of masses. The complexity in behaviors and social relations is gradually increasing day by day. To properly address the problems which arises in social domain, it is necessary to identify, understand such problems. Such process is necessary to find the solutions of the problems. So, research became very important in social domain. Social research requires a proper methodology and variety of research methods. Methodology is a framework which would be followed during whole process and research methods are the tools to collect data or information. But most trickery thing in social research is to identify characteristics of human behavior and society and quantify them as variables. This step is very important. We can not understand relation between different characteristics with out their quantification. Methodology deals with the process of such quantification. Afterwards, different research methods are use to collect data against identified variables. After the collection of dataset, it is necessary to derive results or relationship between different variables and it is impossible without the analysis of data. Here a researcher needs an IT solution to analyze data efficiently. IBM provided an outstanding package named as SPSS for such purpose. Some researchers also use Microsoft excel sheets to analyze the data but SPSS is much better than excel spread sheets to enhance productivity.
In SPSS first you must define your variables. After definition of variables, the next step is data entry. After data entry, there are so many tools available in SPSS for analysis of data and to represent the data in the form of different diagrams. You just must put data one time and after this you would be able to get many results from this data. You can directly export data diagrams for your research reports. Now the quantitative research is difficult without the usage of such data analysis tools.
The problem which commonly faced by each researcher during qualitative research is to find the standard sources about field of study. For example, if some one wants to work in the field of colonial studies then first he would require a list of standard sources. No doubt, there are readers and companions available to serve the purpose but to consult a reader or companion is a time taking process. Here a researcher needs an IT solution which collect data about standard sources in a field just like a search engine. Google books is a big resource. A tool is required which crawled the whole database of Google books and then give list of books related to a topic. There is a need of such tool which take a book as input and give its literature review as output. If artificial intelligence come forward with such tools, then it will be a revolution in the field of research.

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