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Social Media Strategy for Marketing

social-media-strategyIt is possible to solve problems of modern life with social communication which are necessary for idea making. First hand information and discussions are the basic ingredients to develop a solid idea because according to a popular saying “ideas do not develop in vaccume”. In this modern age most of communication has been shifted to cyber world. cyber world is a beautiful blend of information pages, social media, social bookmarking platforms and email facilities. Social media is the most powerful tool to share ideas and information. Within a second one can communicate a piece of any kind of information to millions of people. On social media the viewership of a content always increases exponentially. Such exponential growth is a real power of modern man in cyber world.
Many companies or organisations use social media to promote their brands or to spread their ideas to masses respectively. Most popular social media which is commonly used for the purpose is Facebook but there are many others which are also available like MySpace, Twitter, GooglePlus and LinkedIn etc. But question is simple which one is suitable for a particular purpose which is a part of big social media strategy. Many companies has their accounts or brand pages on Facebook. In an account one can add five thousands friends but on a page it is possible to accomodate unlimitted followers. So a Facebook page for a brand is much better than a simple account or to write on wall. If a page has 100K followers then each content shared on the page will be observable for 100K people. They can share it on their walls which will result as exponential increase in viewership. It means no social media strategy would be considered good without Facebook. Same is with the other social media platforms.

Important Points to Develop a Powerful Social Media Strategy:


  1. The most important thing in developing social media strategy for marketing is to avoid stereo type methods. It is necessary to use variety of content for marketing. Single type of content will irritate viewers.
  2. Use keywords related to brand or idea because many people use search facility of social media to find ideas. Use of keywords could attract more viewers.
  3. It is necessary to avoid repeatation. If you want to repeat a post or link then repeat it at least after one month.
    4. Use well designed and enticing photos and videos because such photos can attract more viewers.
  4. Use candid and small sentences. The usage of dense text will result as lack of interest of viewers. Commonly viewers are not interested in the reading of long text.
  5. Use hash tags in your posts because hash tags are used to start a trend. A popular trend could drive more viewers.
  6. Use your keywords and links in comments.
  7. If possible then start a paid marketing campaign on Facebook to attract viewers from particular area and of particular age or gender.

One can easily achieve desired marketing objectives by using above described social media strategies which are simple and easy to understand.

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  1. Nice article. It is full of advice regarding social media strategy for online marketing.

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