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Future of IT in Third World Countries

Information TechnologyThe importance of scientific method for all discourses of science is same as the importance of backbone in human skeleton. Simply, it is easy to conclude that without scientific method the development and advancement in human life was not easy. Human society gradually evolved from simple one to complex one. The complexity of society increased due to implementation of technology. Many human behaviors have been modified due the use of IT gadgets or IT solutions. Computer science is a powerful discourse of modern science. Now the role of computer science or technology is just like a facilitator for the growth or advancement in other discourses of knowledge. There are two different avenues of research in the domain of computer sciences or information technology. One is related to the invention of new technology and second is related to provide the solutions of problems which arises in different fields of sciences. For example, to develop a new programming language is much different than to develop an accounting software for a bank. The research involved to develop new computer technology is superior than the research to implement new technology to solve the problems in other fields. So, it is necessary to carefully choose the area of working per one’s resources and the demand of market.
Majority third world countries are the users of technology but on the other hand the developed nations are the inventor of technology. Now the question is that why developed nations are inventors and others are only users? The answer of this question is very simple. Developed nations are inventor of technology because of availability of resources (labs, labs, market demand) but on the other hand third world nations lacking in the availability of such resources.
In third world countries, the people who want to get good carrier in the field of computer sciences or information technology must have to adopt the field related to the implementation of technological solutions. For example, in third world countries there is a space for new and cost effective solutions in banking, agriculture, health and education etc. The IT specialist who develop and implement such solution would be more successful in third world countries. The trick is simple. After getting suitable expertise in computer sciences, identify another field of your interest like education, health, business, commerce, agriculture, power generation and generic utilities etc. Then find and understand problems in the field of your choice and develop IT solutions to address those problems. Market your solutions and surely you will get a handsome business. Always use technology to improve the quality of work, production and efficiency the you will get your desired results.

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