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Best Strategy for Marketing on YouTube

youtube-marketing-strategyYouTube is world’s largest video resource. It has consisted of videos and playlists on variety of topics. Many ideas like tutorials, demonstrations, product introduction, events, company profiles, songs, documentaries, comparisons, criticism which are made and uploaded by professionals or non professionals are available on YouTube. If you want to learn something, then it is easy to find lecture or series of lectures on it. Now every one in cyber community directly or indirectly using videos from YouTube. Due to such huge popularity or viewership it has become a powerful medium for marketing also. Many companies or organizations are getting customers from it. But to turn its users into potential customers a particular strategy is required for you tube marketing. Without proper strategy it would all went down the pawn.

Step by Step Plan for Marketing on YouTube:

Let’s have a look on how to develop a best YouTube marketing strategy. Its step you step process is given below:

  1. Login to YouTube with your Google account and click account icon at top right corner. It will open a drop down menu then start creator studio.
  2. In creator studio there are many options. First step is to create a channel.
  3. After creating a channel, open video manager. From here you can easily upload your video.
  4. Before publishing a video, it is mandatory to write its proper title and then tags. Use your keywords in title and tags. Tags are those phrases which people commonly used to find a videos. Always think what people will write to find your video and put such phrases in tags.
  5. Then publish your video. Now it is open for all YouTube users.

Above described process is a simple one to upload and publish a video on YouTube.

Important Points in YouTube Marketing Strategy:

Here are some important points you must keep in mind while planning about your marketing plan.

  1. But be careful about the video. You must edit it properly before upload. Always add links of your website at the start or at the end of video.
  2. A published video will direct traffic to your website but it totally depends on the content in video and way of presentation. A useful and interesting content can direct more traffic than a poorly perceived content.
  3. Do some research before recording, editing and uploading a video? Candidly decide the keywords of your campaign by doing some analysis on Google Keyword Analysis Tool. Then select a main keyword and think more keywords which are similar in meaning to it. Use all those keywords in place of tags and title of video while uploading a video.
  4. Always use videos which are suitable in size. A heavy video will take more time to load and irritate the viewer. Normally video less than the size of ten mega bytes are superb.
  5. Use videos with suitable frame size. Too much large frame size will increase the size of video.
  6. Don’t upload same video with different titles or tags.
  7. Use your Published videos on your website.
  8. Post your published video links on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Google Plus etc.

Hope above given simple tips will benefit you and will increase the effectiveness of your strategy for marketing on YouTube but keep in mind to get your videos on first page of YouTube against a query is a little bit time taking process. So be consistent and have patience, a plan according to these tips will make possible to get desired outcomes.

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