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Best Strategies to Get Web Traffic by Using Social Media

There are different types of traffic for a website. Most genuine and heavily considerable is organic traffic. The traffic directed by search engines to a website against different queries is called organic traffic. The other type is referral traffic. It is directed by links which had been placed on different blogs, websites and social media. It is easy to get traffic from different social media by following a proper marketing strategy. But it is a common observation that the traffic from a social media link has high bounce rate. If content on page is interesting and useful then it can reduce bounce rate. Here in this article I am going to introduce you some social media platforms which could direct traffic to your website. Let us start:


FacebookFacebook is a very powerful platform. It has capacity to direct huge traffic to your web pages. For such purpose a Facebook account with large number of friends is required. You can post the links of your pages there and your friend will visit the links. Another option is the start a Facebook page which introduce your website or web pages. You have to update page with links regularly. Invite friends to follow your Facebook page. A page with five hundred followers can easily direct hundred visitors to your website. For this purpose, the title feed for you Facebook page post must be attractive and full of suspense.


twitterTwitter is a micro-blogging service. It is a powerful social media which has capacity to direct tons of traffic to your pages. For this purpose, you must have a twitter account and then regularly post the links of your pages with attractive titles in your account. Follow the people and in return they will follow you. If your content is interesting and useful then your followers will increase rapidly. An active account with one thousand followers will directed more than hundred users per day to your links. Always follow those accounts which has large number of followers. Reply with the links to the tweets of other people. It will have generated high response. On twitter always try to participate in discussions or try to start discussions with other account holders.

Google Plus:

google-plusA simple easy to use and mange social media is Google Plus. It is very important because Google always prefer links from its Plus. Always submit the links of your pages to it because it not only direct traffic but as well as these posts are useful in order the enhance the rank and visibility of your pages in Google search engine. Like other social media, you have to establish your high follower line to get more traffic. An active Google Plus account would be effective to direct more than hundred visitors per day to your pages.


stumble-uponA very unique and power social book marking service is StumbleUpon. It works in different pattern as compared to Facebook or Twitter. Create your account and bookmark your links there. Stumble the links of other people and like those links. Similarly, other people will randomly stumble your links. Follow other stumbles and in response they will follow you. If you submit fifty links to StumbleUpon then those links will get more than hundred visits per day. But it is reported that the bounce rate of traffic from StumbleUpon is very high.


redditAnother powerful social bookmarking service is Reddit. After creating account, you can submit the links of your pages there. If you have large number of followers, then it will direct traffic. Always post links carefully in right Sub-Reddits or in right categories based on interest.

Web Traffic and Social Media:

Above described social media are time tested in order to get web traffic. You can use these platforms for free. A good idea or a good technique will easily boost traffic. For the purpose active accounts are needed. Always interact with others through such platforms. It will increase visibility of your posts to large number of people and if they share your posts then they will act like influencer. If you develop on an average of such fifty influencers per day, then it will boost your web traffic exponentially. It is not a rapid process. It will take some time and consistent effort. It is reported that such strategies become beneficial after a continuous effort of two moths. Use your social media account actively and always try to engage others with you by posting, commenting, messaging and replying.

Mark PitrasMark Pitras is a research analyst in Tech#Drive. He has eight years of experience in research regarding SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing.


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