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Future of IT in Third World Countries

Information Technology

The importance of scientific method for all discourses of science is same as the importance of backbone in human skeleton. Simply, it is easy to conclude that without scientific method the development and advancement in human life was not easy. Human society gradually evolved from simple one to complex one. …

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Social Research: IT Solutions

Social Research

Research is a process to inquire about phenomenas, social behaviors and mechanics of society in in academic way. No doubt, the society in which we are living is extremely complex. There are so many divides based on wealth, education and technology. The heavy flux of information caused a fragmentation in …

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Best Strategies to Get Web Traffic by Using Social Media


There are different types of traffic for a website. Most genuine and heavily considerable is organic traffic. The traffic directed by search engines to a website against different queries is called organic traffic. The other type is referral traffic. It is directed by links which had been placed on different …

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The Art of SEO (Third Edition): Download Free Pdf eBook


Search engines are complex. The web is massively complex. And the human beings doing the searching, sifting, clicking, and converting ‐‐ they’re the most complex of all. But all that complexity shouldn’t create an impenetrable wall for those seeking knowledge. In the past, when it has, the reputation of SEO …

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Key Points for on Page SEO

On Page SEO

What is SEO? SEO Means ‘Search Engine Optimization It is a way to prepare your website in order to noticed by search engine Every Search Engine has its own rules to rank a webpage. There are two types of SEO: One is called On Page SEO and other is called …

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Best Strategy for Marketing on YouTube


YouTube is world’s largest video resource. It has consisted of videos and playlists on variety of topics. Many ideas like tutorials, demonstrations, product introduction, events, company profiles, songs, documentaries, comparisons, criticism which are made and uploaded by professionals or non professionals are available on YouTube. If you want to learn …

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