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The human journey of advancements in each field of life has many interesting turns. This journey is basically a story of human struggle to achieve better future. The study of history shows that the outcomes of human thinking were in the form of inventions which became the mile stones on the path leading to bright future. Such inventions made our life easy, smooth and charming. Modern technology has successfully actualized many dreams of human being. Most amazing turn ever in the history of human being is termed as information revolution. Yes, now we are living in the age of information revolution. The proposition given below shows the importance of information:

“Information is information not matter and energy”.

Introduction of iTechIdea.comA simple meaning, which one can derive from the above given proposition, is that for the progress of a nation information has same importance as matter and energy. Now it is more important to turn raw data into information. In several technological processes raw data is continuously converted into information by a combination of computers, smart phones, smart devices, networks and Internet. Now artificially intelligent computer systems and smart mobile apps revolutionized the field of information handling and computing. Due to smart mobile technology and wireless internet access to information has become easy. Now, world of information is open for all. In cyber world the flow of information is huge and it is difficult to calculate exact amount of data transfer. Social media contains trillions of words, billions of pictures and millions of videos. Once people were content readers, now due to easy access to social media they turned as content producers. Fast Means of communications have increased the pace of activities in this world. Each day brings new inventions, new technology and new trends.

The pages of iTechIdea.com are designed or written to provide latest information about advancements in the field of technology, computing and means of communications. Simply details about new computer hardware, software, smart phones, mobile applications, games and programming frameworks will be presented on these pages in the form of news, articles, videos, pictures and discussions. Latest news which will be presented in these pages will be related to technology, computer sciences and latest advancements in science. It will also provide answers to interesting questions related to the field of technology, computing, programming, web application development, operating systems, databases and graphic design. By following these pages, it would be easy for anyone to be informed about latest research in the field of computing. You will be able to find information and reviews of books on various topics in the field of technology, communication and computer sciences. Our aim is to introduce out users with latest books with complete information like introduction, author details, publisher and download link. The reviews or detailed introduction of mobile apps, mobile games, PC software, MAC software and Linux software will also included on the pages. Such reviews or brief introduction will enable you to have complete knowledge of all features of an app, game or software.Write for iTechIdea.com

Next iTechIdea.com will give opportunity to new writers. Anyone can write for us but we shall accept only those writings related to technology, communication and computer sciences. If you have any kind of knowledge in above said fields then write it, send you article to us and we shall publish it for free of cost. Just email your work at editor@itechidea.com.


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