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Voice Record Pro: Sound Recording App for iOS Devices

Voice Recorder Pro

Sound recorder are such mobile apps which can record sound and save it in the memory of device. Before the invention of smart phones particular sound recording devices were used by researchers and journalists to record interviews or press briefings. But smart phone technology made sound recorders obsolete because smart …

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Social Media and the Politics of Reportage The ‘Arab Spring’

Social Media and the Politics of Reportage The ‘Arab Spring’

The ‘Arab Spring’ has been represented in the mainstream media as a ‘social media revolution; the hyperbole of headlines claims a seismic shift away from traditional news correspondence and towards an era of citizen journalism and social media reporting. Beginning in Tunisia in 2010, the Arab Spring protests spread to …

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Smash Hit: Experience Fourth Dimension in Mobile Game

Smash hit Mobile Game 1

Different types of mobile games are available. These all games have been classified into different categories. The ideas to develop mobile games has been revolutionized after the invention of touch screen. New avenues for mobile games development has been opened due to touch screen gestures. Today I am going to …

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Social Media: A Powerful Tool for Marketing

Social Media

In cyber world social media is a place where people meet and talk with each other for sharing of information, content and ideas. When you are using social media then your status in cyber world would be ‘online’ and anyone in this world connected to that particular social media could …

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MS Office: For iOS and Android Devices

MS Office for Smart Devices

The pace of developments in this world is too fast. Due to fast means of communications this world is progressing leaps and bounds. Every one is using computing power of his laptop or smartphone to achieve particular objectives. Every one needs word processing, calculation and presentation tools on such devices. …

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Prisma: New Features

Prisma New Features

There are thousands of photo editing apps available on different stores for different mobile platforms. This time Prisma is the most popular mobile app for photo editing. According to a careful estimation, more than one billion pictures has been edited worldwide by using this app. Initially it was only launched …

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A Handbook of Magazine Article Writing

Writing handbook

This guide contains magazine articles. Writing is an art and no doubt, each new writer has many questions in his mind. This book will provide the answers of all popular questions about writing and especially writing articles for a magazine. In this bestselling book articles which are written by popular …

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HP’s Powerup Backpack

HP Powerup Backpack

We are living in the age of technology. Now every person is a user of technological gadgets which demand charged batteries. Smart phone battery is not enough to power it during whole day use. Some people also use power banks which are capable to charge mobile battery twice. But in …

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‘Pokemon Go’ After its First Month

Pokemon Go on Mobile

There are many games available for different mobile plate-forms but these days the popularity of ‘Pokemon Go’ is rapidly increasing. According to a careful estimate, at this time it is one of the most popular games available for mobile phones. No doubt, many bugs, security issues and complaints has been …

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